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16:06:34 * Bergingen*

remove the grounded Cristoforo Colombo dredger are progressing well at
Kholmsk. Already the berm is taking shape around the bow and the stern
of the Cristoforo Colombo and depending on the weather the berm may be
completed by later this week.

Once the berm is completed, the water level within the contained berm
area will be raised to allow salvage operators to refloat the vessel.
The berm will then be opened up to allow the dredger to be towed away.

Project Director and Deputy CEO of Sakhalin Energy David Greer visited
the site on the weekend to inspect the ongoing salvage operations.
Following his visit he commented that, " After this regrettable
accident, we gave a commitment that we would not leave Kholmsk until the
oil spill clean-up was completed and the Cristoforo Colombo dredger had
been refloated and safely removed from the city's shores. We are
sticking to that commitment, and it is extremely encouraging to see the
progress being made with the dredging work needed to salvage this
vessel. If the work continues to progress so well and the weather
conditions are right, we expect the Cristoforo Colombo to be refloated
and towed away within the next week - a major success for all concerned.


"I am also pleased to report that the improvement and beautification
works that we promised to undertake at Primosky Boulevard are also
underway, and planning work is progressing on the other social
initiatives we have agreed with the Mayor of Kholmsk. There is a saying
that in every crisis, there is also opportunity. This is particularly
true here, for out of adversity has come a much stronger relationship
between Sakhalin Energy and the mayor and people of Kholmsk."

The salvage operations currently taking place in Kholmsk are being
handled by the vessel owners European Dredging Company and its appointed
salvage contractor Smit International and SakhBASU.


The salvage operations follow the successful completion of clean-up
operations at Kholmsk immediately following the grounding of the dredger
on September 8th. In total, close to 100 people assisted with the
clean-up operations, which included the replacement of contaminated soil
and gravel, shoreline cleaning and other reinstatement works - such as
whitewashing a monument and seawall blocks. In addition during the
clean-up operation, a significant quantity of rubbish unconnected with
the spill - including 3 old car bodies, numerous old lorry tyres and a
large quantity of bottles, plastic and other rubbish - have also been
removed, and the shoreline now looks better than it did before the spill.

Bijdrage van Joost Roeland


21:46:41** * Bergingen*
de zuiger die achter de gestrande aan het werk is lijkt op de
zelfvarende cutterzuiger van de Nul .
grt j

*Ron H*

07:56:25** * Bergingen*
Het is de JFJ de Nul


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