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Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes Portugal  30-12-04 18:50 Good Evening All,
Spotted Today in Leixoes, "Aspen" seems to have Dutch origen.

all the best,

ruud  30-12-04 19:17 Ahoy Peter,
You' re right, she was called Ladybird and build in the Netherlands.
Name: Aspen IMO No: 7391771
Ex: Ladybird Built: 6/1975
Type: General Cargo Status: In Service
SubType: Flag: Saint Vincent
DWT: 3,157 Draft: 5.48 Builder: Voorwaarts
GT: 1,876 LOA: 89.62 Owner: Libra Shipping
NT: Beam: 11.82 Speed/Cons: 12.50/-
Class: LR Depth: 6.61 Engine Type: Brons
Decks: 1 Bale: 3,796 Gear:

Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes Portugal  30-12-04 20:32 Hi Ruud,
Thanks for the info on "Aspen" but on the Funnel she has AD (Anglo Dutch, UK)
Another spot in Leixoes today.

all the best,

Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes  30-12-04 21:04 Another spot for Today,
No history on this ship, first impression was an ex Smit but as I got closer she began to have a slight Jebsen Norway look about her, any clues ???

all the best

Woonplaats : melides, Portugal  30-12-04 21:46 You might be right Peter.
I don' t recognize the lifeboat.
Does she have deckgear?
All Smits ships had cranes or derricks.

All the best, and a very good 2005!


Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes  30-12-04 22:24 Hi Eric,
I dont think she had deck gear, also the name beneath Mikue was not readable. all the best to you for 2005 also, thanks, another ship here today was "Ponte do sol" owned by Traninsular Portugal and she runs regular container line to the Azores and Madeira and sometimes cape verde and guine Bissau.
all the best,

Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes  30-12-04 22:28 Try again,"Ponte do sol"

all the best.

Woonplaats : Den helder  31-12-04 00:38 Peter, according to Lloyds, is the Mikue built in Singapore in 1980 as Lina.
Other names: Germa Lina, germa Garant, Mare Garant, Sintale, Christina W, Helle Stevns en Hermosa. Callsign: HPGC
Loa: 106.58 Boa:16,54 DWT: 7909 GT: 5224 Summerdraft 7,9m IMOno 7702592

Regards Jolanda

Peter Barc
Woonplaats : Leixoes Portugal  31-12-04 00:57 Thanks yolanda, its one of those ships that was difficult to place.
all the best,

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