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Lennart F

19:47:21  Im looking for some photos...  
...of two ships. Their names was Myfem (built 1952 in Zaltbommel) and Myson (built 1956 i Delfzilj). These ships were owned by Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm but under dutch flagg (1965-1970). Rederi Svea owned some dutch companys at this time; Rederij Holda N.V. & Rederij Odin N.V & N.V. Sceepvaart Mij Svea. Im not sure what company these ships belonged to. Hopefully someone can help me with some photos of these ships.
Best regards
Lennart Falleth
Gteborg, Sweden

Jan van der Lugt.

20:58:54  Im looking for some photos...
Hallo Lennart.
Both ships are on the site and go to the link gallery 2 Ships with the bridge midships.With friendly regards.Jan

Jan van der Lugt.

21:02:24  Im looking for some photos...
Sorry lennart
Must be gallery 1 . Jan


21:10:51  Im looking for some photos...

Jos Komen

22:16:04  Im looking for some photos...

Hello Lennart,
another Myson.
All the best

The link to Groninger Kustvaart:

Lennart F

08:27:02  Im looking for some photos...
I thank you all for the fast responce and help. When I was looking on the recommended site I found another ship I was looking for; Vesta (Built 1955 in Foxhol). These ships looks very different of what we are use to see in sweden. And now there is only two of Rederi Sveas dutch ships missing in my collection; Gefle (built in Zaltbommel 1951, owned by Svea 1956-1965, reported sunked in 1965) and Vega (built 1963 in Arnhem, owned by Svea 1963- 196?). Does anyone know if there is photos of these two last ships and where I could find them?

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