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Jul 2003
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Gepost vrijdag 17 oktober 2003 @ 14:54

It is with pleasure that the ‘Combinatie Salvage Tricolor' can report that today at 06.35 a.m. the eighth and final cut of the TRICOLOR was completed. This morning the specially designed cutting wire sliced through the last remaining centimetres of steel. During the final cut no oil pollution was reported.

The remarkable cutting operation started on July 22, 2003. In less then three months the enormous vessel has been cut into nine pieces. The salvage team looks back on a successful operation, although the team had to overcome several technical problems and some unfavourable weather conditions.

Five sections of the TRICOLOR have already been lifted and transported to Zeebrugge (Belgium). Today the floating cranes ‘Rambiz' will begin to lift the remaining sections of the TRICOLOR.
The jack-up rigs ‘Vagant' and ‘Buzzard' will be demobilised and return to their home bases. The semi-submersible barge' Giant 2' will stay at the TRICOLOR location to receive the remaining sections of the TRICOLOR and transport them to Zeebrugge.

The salvage of the TRICOLOR is being carried out by the ‘Combinatie Berging Tricolor', a consortium consisting of: SMIT Salvage B.V., Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors N.V., URS Salvage & Maritime Contracting N.V., and Multraship Salvage B.V. The salvage contract was awarded to the consortium by Wilh. Wilhelmsen and Gard Services.

For additional information,
please contact:

Combinatie Berging Tricolor
Lars Walder
Public Relations Manager CBT
Tel: +31 (0) 10 454 92 74
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 53 43 27 65
Internet: w


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