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Jaap van Dorp

Jan 2004
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Gepost dinsdag 6 januari 2004 @ 13:16

Last of 3 crewmen found in ship's hold
Albany-- Removal of body of Victor Alexeev is planned for today

By TRINA MEAD, Special to the Times Union
First published: Monday, January 5, 2004

The body of the last missing crewman from the Stellamare was located Sunday by salvage crews as they pumped water from the cargo hold and engine areas of the ship. However, recovery of the body was suspended until this morning because of darkness.
Salvage crews spent most of the day righting the ship, which capsized at the Port of Albany on Dec. 9 while loading generators from General Electric.

Victor Alexeev, a 46-year-old ship welder from St. Petersburg, Russia, was one of three crewmen killed in the accident. The body of Yuri Akofin was found Dec. 19, and Sulieman Khasenevich was located Dec. 20. About 15 other crew members, who were aboard the ship at the time, survived and have since returned to Russia.

Crews began pumping water out of the engine room and cargo holds of the Stellamare at 7:15 a.m. Sunday at the rate of 2,000 tons per hour.

However, before pumping could begin, divers had to carefully place cargo hatches -- weighing 15 tons each -- on top of each hold to stop river water from being drawn back into the ship by the huge pumps.

After almost one month, with tons of water still in her hold, the Stellamare finally came afloat at 9:30.

Initially, officials remained cautiously optimistic Sunday morning that the body would be found once most of the water had been pumped from the cargo hold area. They also expressed concern that the amount of debris remaining in the ship would hamper the search.

But an employee for Jumbo Shipping -- the Dutch firm that owns the Stellamare -- reported that Alexeev's body was found in the forward part of the ship, under debris and decking with only his arms and legs visible. The employee, who did not want to give his name, indicated that part of the decking will have to be removed in order to recover the body.

Late Sunday afternoon, Mayor Jerry Jennings confirmed that the missing crew member was found at the front of the ship but that there are "debris and things in the way."

"We are proceeding safely to remove the body," Jennings said. "It will take time to determine the best way to proceed."

Jennings said the Albany Police and Fire departments will work to recover the body, when it is deemed safe.

The final step in getting the ship to float on its own occurred at about 5 p.m. Sunday as crews released the Stellamare from the last of the two cranes that were used to hold the ship safely in place as water was pumped from its engine room and cargo holds, said Jesse Lewis, a spokesman for Jumbo Shipping.

As the day progressed, the ship gradually became visible over the pier as water was pumped from its cargo hold.

John Hillin, chief of Port Safety with the U.S. Coast Guard, said fewer than a dozen salvage crew members were allowed on the ship Sunday, because the operation was still hazardous.

Albany Fire Department Capt. Dan Doherty said firefighters were on the scene to help decontaminate police and fire department divers as they emerged from the ship and the river covered with oily sludge.

"Our No. 1 priority has always been to find the missing (crewman)," Hillin said.

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Jul 2003
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Gepost dinsdag 6 januari 2004 @ 14:47

Rotterdam, 6 January 2004

On Monday the 5th of January SMIT Salvage has successfully refloated the ‘Stellamare'.
The vessel was situated along the quayside and was lying on her portside on the riverbed. Two floating cranes and other marine craft were deployed and the vessel is now completely stabilized and all of the water inside the vessel has been pumped out.

The ‘Stellamare' is a specialist heavy lift vessel which capsized alongside during loading operations in the port of Albany on Tuesday 9th December 2003 at approx. 15.30 hrs EST. The vessel has been declared Constructive Total Loss (CTL).
At the time of the accident 18 crewmembers were onboard, all of Russian nationality, 15 of which could be rescued from the water and from the vessel.
During the operation, the bodies of the 3 missing crewmen were found in the vessel.

The MV “Stellamare” was built in 1982 and Netherlands Antilles registered.
She measures 88.20 meters in length, is 15.50 meters wide and has a combined lifting capacity of 360 tonnes.


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